Coral Coast Rock Face Western Australia Coral Coast Rock Face Western Australia

Coral Coast - Western Australia

3 day
23 Aug - 25 Aug
per vehicle


The I-Venture Club is heading west – far, far west – to the ruggeredly beautiful stretch of coastline, in the Kalbarri region, Western Australia. Join us on the 23rd August 2019, for an unforgettable 3-night wild-west 4WD adventure! The trip will be led by I-Venture Club Guru, David Wilson and Celebrity 4WD Touring Australia TV Host, Carlisle Rogers.

Starting in the far west, Geraldton—4 hours north of Perth—a coastal-city renowned for its extraordinary mix of stunning coastal vistas and the equally beautiful hinterland. Attendees will trek north up the coastline to Kalbarri, along the way savouring the surrounds of the region—made famous by the iconic ‘Natures Window’ rock formation, Instagram-worthy Pink Lake and Murchison House Station—which will be awash with spring wildflower bloom. There will be countless opportunities to immortalise this trip on film—a notion which will be perfected during an included photography workshop hosted by Nikon ambassador and 4WD Touring Australia host, Carlisle Rogers. This is an incredible destination offering stunning ocean views, pristine beaches and iconic rocky headlands overlooking the endless Indian Ocean—all to be navigated through breathtaking 4WD tracks.

The sun might rise in the east, but it sets in the west—a remarkable sight accentuated by the raw beauty of endless Indian Ocean contrasting against the rocky red-dirt headland of the Kalbarri cliffs. Departing from the coastal city of Geraldton on the 23rd August 2019, join us for an amazing 3-night 4WD adventure through the heartland of Kalbarri in the wild west! Led by I-Venture Club, guru David Wilson and celebrity 4WD Touring Australia TV host, Carlisle Rogers. The event will see Carlisle host a money-can’t-buy photography workshop for the keen snappers—perfect for shooting the stunning landscape on offer. Put your 4WD skills to the test as we take in some of the most-breathtaking sights the Western Australian region has to offer.

I-Venture Club learning about sand recover on beach


The Coral Coast, Western Australia 4WD Adventure will comprise of both theoretical and practical components of confident 4WD’ing. Over the 3 days, drivers will hone their off-road skillset—exploring the off-road potential of their Isuzu 4x4 under the watchful tutorage of David Wilson, lead I-Venture Club Trainer.
I-Venture Club crowd sitting with sign


There are 10 exclusive-spots available to interested Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X owners within Australia. The trip is open to all drivers, of varied skill-levels, as we will have a professional trainer providing guidance. However, please remember that the trip will be recorded and all attendees should be comfortable with being filmed.

What you will learn

This day is about enabling you to go off road, confidently. Below is a summary of some of the key learnings you will gain:

The differences between
4-High and 4-Low

Correct Tyre Pressures

How to enter & exit
the beach

How to drive on
sand safely

Recovery techniques

Useful accessories
and tools

What to take with you
when going off the road

When to engage 4x4

Limited Places Available $1950 Per Vehicle

2 People Per Vehicle

Breakfast and Lunch

Dedicated 4x4 Trainer

10 Spots Available

  • Non-genuine aftermarket accessories and modifications featured are not recommended or endorsed by Isuzu UTE Australia, as the modification or accessories may impact the New Vehicle Warranty. For detailed information on 'what is' and 'what is not' covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty please refer to the Warranty and Service Booklet.